Comfort 2023
Produced with support from the Dommering Foundation
Link to trailer: https://vimeo.com/874373349

Nightcore 2023
Link to trailer: https://vimeo.com/788052259/60d8587243

Lily at Home 2023
Photo Gert Jan van Rooij
Link to trailer: https://vimeo.com/863264484

(Dirt) 2020
Link: https://vimeo.com/350632070/d5d9c54d0d

The Guest List 2024 
Pen on tissue paper
With Starter Packs: The McAlister by George Seamus McGoldrick

The Window 2022
Biro, Pencil, Paper, Wood, 190cm x 115cm

Her Grandfather tastes the following: with The Burrow by George McGoldrick

Detail of [The sick Grandfather finds a ball of smuggled medicines hidden in a pie]
A lover ripe with discretion.
Pencil, Ink on Paper
63cm x 89cm

Vlaai @ De Ateliers 2023

The Table 2022
Biro, Felt Pen, Paper, Wood, 76cm x 160cm

[The emblem of the hospital depicts a woman wearing a sash that reads ‘Good Health’]
She splits her time between two jobs: one as a nurse in Mr Lover’s Grand Hospital, the other in a pie factory.
Her village has become sick, she runs to see if she can procure medicine from Mr. Lover.
Her: Where is your sweet Master?
Mr Lover’s Personal Assistant: Asleep.
Her: I must see him.
Mr Lover’s Personal Assistant: My Master sees nobody when he's asleep.
Pencil on Paper, Tissue Paper
75cm x 51cm

Mr Lover’s Personal Assistant: They'll call again, Sir.
Mr Lover: Then I'm not at home.
Pencil, Blue ink, Biro on Paper
45cm x 60cm

When Mr Lover’s Personal Assistant has their back turned she tucks a case of medicines under her apron.
She finds moments of opportunity when Mr Lover and his assistant fight passionately.
Mr Lover: Get you to Bed, you Dog, and don't trouble me.
Mr Lover’s Personal Assistant: With all my Heart, Sir.
Pencil, Biro, Graphite, Friction Tape on Paper, Wood
104cm x 173cm

[The sick Grandfather finds a ball of smuggled medicines hidden in a pie]
A lover ripe with discretion.
Pencil, Ink on Paper
63cm x 89cm

Her sick grandfather tastes the following:
Butter or an oil
Sharp Lemon
Old Wood
Burnt Bread or a Cob
The Forest
The Medicine
Pencil, Biro, Graphite, Tape on Paper, Wood, Scent
110cm x 217cm

The Warden of the Tomb 2020-23

The Two Runners arrive. Driver: Why doesn’t he speak? Runner 1: Same as usual. 2020

The CEO of a Nationwide Homecare Provider leans out of the window. Two removal men look up at her from the car park. The lights dim.
CEO [turning from window]: It could be an abuse. But it isn’t an abuse, is it?

A driver comes to a stop. He presses a button requesting two runners. 2022

An Estate Agent and his Apprentice enter a double room with brown carpets. The Apprentice points at the stained divan.
The Estate Agent turns to the audience, mopping his forehead. The Apprentice moves around the divan, checking underneath it, sitting on different areas, bouncing.
Estate Agent: Any complaints? Apprentice [continuing with the bouncing]: Hard work - hard work - not complaining - but very weak - wrestling bouts every night.